Mud Soil Pressure Type

Compatible to Sudden Curves
-Improvement of Tunnel Boring Machine
and Stable Construction Ability-

One feature of mu d-soil-pressure-type pr opulsion engineering is construction on sudden curves.
With our many past results,we proved that we are a pioneer of mud-soil-pressure-type propulsion engineering.

Construction Example 1

In Fukuoka City φ1100 m/m, jacking lengt h : 315.945 m, curve radiu s : 200 m, 14 m, 50 m, Soil type : Sand mixed with small stones.
After the area of R=14m until the destination, the construction area was narrow road and . The construction was carried out under the narrow road and busy commercial avenue.
Therefore the work was one which you cannot afford to fail on it .
We have reached the destination using only about 1/2 of the des igned jacking capacity.

Top view of pipe arrangement of φ1100

Top view of pipe arrangement of φ1100 図を拡大する
Type Shape and length Quantity Unit Remarks
50N Standard pipe 1st type L=2440 50 Pipe (s)
Standard pipe Total 50 Pipe (s)
50N 1/4 pipe 3rd type L=637 151 Pipe (s)
50N 1/4 pipe 3rd type L=637 95 Pipe (s) With stopper
70N 1/4 pipe 3rd type L=637 76 Pipe (s) With stopper
1/4 pipe Total 322 Pipe (s)
50N Half pipe 1st type L=1200 0 Pipe (s)
Grand total 372 Pipe (s)

The length of 1/4 pipe includes the thickness of buffer material.


Concrete-steel composite pipe (Status in the pipe(R=14m)) was used, and a joint opening supporting system unit was equipped.

Construction Example 2
(Three Simultaneously Operating + J-Curve, Manhole Reaching)

Top view of pipe arrangement of φ1100 図を拡大する

Product Material List

Name Length
Quantity Pipe number Remarks
Jacking pipe (JC-52) 800 88 1~88
Jacking pipe (JA-52) 2,430 31 90~120
Jacking pipe (JA-51) 1,200 1 89
Jacking pipe (JA-51) 2,430 1 121 Vacant without collar
Total 121