Mud Soil Pressure Type

Compatible to Long Distance and Sudden Curve-FRD System-(Frictional Resistance Decrease)

It is a jacking system for long distance with sudden curves and with numerous curves which reduces jacking resistivity by injecting and filling lubricant into overcut tail void to prevent the degradation of the void and to improve its lubrication.


  • ❶ Automatic injection by remote-control operation
  • ❷ Safe injection by setting upper limit on pressure
  • ❸ Execution of lubrication effect of lubricant using a jacking pip e for lubricant injection
  • ❹ Injection with lesser losses using a lubricant outflow preventio n unit
Underground Injection Control BoardUnderground Injection Control Board
Lubricant Injection Control BoardLubricant Injection Control Board

Jacking Pipe for Lubricant Injection

Jacking Pipe for Lubricant Injection

Construction results (Maximum length)

Construction results

As of July, 2007